Seed to Harvest in Photographs

This is the story of a growing season.

We start with the hope of seeds.
And the earth waiting.
Two week seedlings starting to emerge.
Two week seedling in her next growing space, the 1 gallon pot.
Early vegetative growth in cloth pots.
Volunteer plant in the new rose bed.
Photobombing the lemon balm in the medicine wheel garden.
Early vegetative growth in 5 gallon cloth pots and 7 gallon plastic pots.
Early morning dew kisses on the early vegetative growth.
Vegetative growth in the hemp field. Tammi for scale.
Misty sunset in the hempfield.
Early Abacus flower.
Whoa!!! Full flower in the hemp field.
Sunrise with the Abacus flower.
Silva Haze flower.
Yes, your plant can get this big in a pot.
Big Leafing in the field.
Big leafing for days.
“Bud Porn”
…for days.
…and days….
And then there was the cold….
Starting to take down and moving to the next phase.
And then there’s hand trimming….group fun!
Group harvest days.
Operating the trimming machine.
Big bin of Lucy flowers
Drying in a rack and hanging.
Jan for scale….hanging whole plants.
Lots of flowers drying on huge screens.
Abacus full flower… sexy.
Winnowing the seeds for next season.

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Tammi Sweet

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