Homemade Pie is better. We agree?

Can we agree..? Homemade pie is way better than pre-packaged pie – and it all comes down to WHY the pie was made in the first place.

Stick with me through this metaphor, it works, I promise.

Thousands of pies, made to last at room temperature, and hundreds of recipe tweaks to improve efficiency…

Versus a single, carefully prepared apple pie – made with our very own apples. The smells of it baking make the entire house feel more like home.

Hard to argue with that.

And CBD products are taking a similar path – but unlike apple pie, most people aren’t empowered to make their own oils, tinctures, or salve. This is partly because we need to teach how to make this medicine, but also because we need to be able to source the plant materials. Then there’s all the legal issues that change state to state, but we’ll get to that.

I want to help solve those problems.

That’s what this blog is for – and we’re launching the blog at the same time as announcing a new course on medicine making with high-cbd cannabis. Because of this, some of the early posts will be focused on a few important themes.

  1. How to make the medicine (so the effects and dosages can be applied effectively)
  2. How to source the plant material from small-scale, ethical, and quality growers
  3. How to navigate the current legal situation so you can feel safe with your medicine
  4. How to get high quality CBD at an affordable price. It’s incredible how much mark-up there is on products that aren’t even that great

In March 2020 my book, The Wholistic Guide to Cannabis, will become available.

I’ve been working on it for 3 years, and I’ll make sure to tell you about it. My goal with the book is to give you all the latest science and research with cannabis from the frameworks as an herbalist.

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And if you want to make your own medicine with high-cbd cannabis, check out my new medicine making with “the plant” course at Heartstone Online.

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Tammi Sweet

I'm a researcher, educator, guest lecturer, and co-founder of Heartstone Center for Earth Essentials in Van Etten, NY.