This is the year to start growing cannabis

Whoooo! Okay, you'll be sure to get the invite to the mentorship community when the doors open next week. Since you'll be getting seeds and other supplies, we're going to be running enrollment until 4/20, no later.

While you wait, here are some of the things you can expect from the Grow! program:

  • Information on what strains you can grow legally, and where (before you enroll)
  • Social community (different than an online course) to share your progress and get direct mentorship through each step of the process and season
  • Live lessons and Q&A sessions
  • Recorded lessons you can reference
  • An organized supply list so you have everything you need
  • Bonus material to learn about the plant, and using her for medicine

Grow with friends!

Learning, and growing, is best with friends. Here are some special links to share my growing resource guide on social media.


I'll email you when the doors open

The Grow Program will be available on March 28th and is only available for newsletter subscribers. In the meantime, if you have any other questions please send me a note!

Enrollment only lasts for a week or so, because we like to get all the seeds out to students ASAP – this way you can start germinating them with the group.

Talk soon!

~ Tammi