Foundations of A&P – New workshop for beginners

We started the week with a health aisle reality check and how easy it can be to make a “stress guess” about what is happening if we aren’t able to cross reference A&P.

Then I shared a bit of my personal story with teaching…

and now today…

Today we’re hosting an introductory workshop on the foundations of A&P – walking you through each system of the human body and discussing HOW and WHY plant medicine works with humans.

It’s at 7pm EST (4pm PST) and I’d love for you to join me and invite a friend who’s maybe on the fence about learning A&P.

You can register here

And we’re just putting the finishing touches on the course welcome packet – a “foundations” PDF we give to students walking them through the fundamentals and making the course more actionable.

It is both a reference guide and a plan for learning – especially if you doubt you’d have time or be able to learn A&P.

Everyone who registers will get the notes, the video replay, and the A&P Foundations handout.

PDF: A&P Foundations Handout (with webinar)

  • The complete syllabus for Online A&P Program
  • Thoughts to help you improve your study process
  • A progress tracker as you work through each system of the human body (stickers anyone?)
  • Book & Reference list for the course (not required reading by any means, but definitely useful)
  • A picture of my bookshelf (hey, why not, everyone seems to want to look at it when they’re here)

When you work through the foundations, addressing each magical system or area of the human body, connections are inevitable.

So join me tonight at 7:00pm EST (4pm PST) to review these systems and learn how to study A&P whether you’re a health professional looking for CEUS (continuing education credits) or a beginner looking to learn more about your body.

Talk soon,

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