Book Bonus Materials!

Thank you for pre-ordering my book, The Wholistic Guide to Cannabis. This is your promised book bonus section with videos and excerpts from the book.

Here are 3 sections of the book in digital form that you can download and print if you’d like. I have some nervous excitement right now since you will be the first people who’ve purchased the book to read it. Enjoy!

Book Excerpts:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1, how we get here
  • Chapter 4, Preparation and dosage

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Welcome to my Kitchen

Let's make some medicine shall we? In this video, I'll guide you through steps of the process, and addresses the common areas where students have questions, concerns, and fears about making medicine with cannabis.

In This Video:

  • Which types of medicine to make and why
  • How to make and use infused oils
  • How to make and use tincture
  • Mistakes to avoid during the decarboxylation process
  • How to decipher the “Certificate of Analysis (COA)”
  • How to interpret lab results
  • and of course… math. Because we all love math