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Do you have questions about CBD? I created this resource just for you.

By Tammi Sweet / December 12, 2019 /

CBD oil is the new cure for everything, and now everyone and their brother wants to sell you some… We need to talk… So I hosted a few webinars on the topic… but those are over now so we’ve put this together into a nice little mini-course where you can go and watch the recordings.…

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When I offered a high-cbd cannabis medicine making class

By Tammi Sweet / November 4, 2019 /

Even after studying herbal medicine, many people I know feel like working with cannabis is too complicated, so they just avoid it altogether. I hate to say it but corporate producers (the kind that would patent the plant if they could) want to keep us afraid of making our own medicine. In the last post…

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Homemade Pie is better. We agree?

By Tammi Sweet / November 3, 2019 /

Can we agree..? Homemade pie is way better than pre-packaged pie – and it all comes down to WHY the pie was made in the first place. Stick with me through this metaphor, it works, I promise. Thousands of pies, made to last at room temperature, and hundreds of recipe tweaks to improve efficiency… Versus…

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Welcome to my blog!

By Tammi Sweet / November 2, 2019 /

Hello dear friends and subscribers. I’m starting a blog.

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Hey there! Welcome to my blog. This is where I'm sharing my latest research on cannabis.

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